Who is Marcelo Meleiro

Professor Marcelo Meleiro

  • 4th degree Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt
  • World class Grappling and self defense instructor
  • Law enforcement instructor
  • Military instructor 
  • Anti Bullying specialist 
  • Sport Jiu-Jitsu instructor 
  • Professional & amateur MMA coach 
  • Life coach 
  • Personal MMA coach 
  • World class competitor 
  • IBJJF (international Brazilian jiu-jitsu federation) circuit multiple times winner 
  • IBJJF No Gi Pan American medalist 
  • North America ADCC super fight competitor 
  • Fight 2 Win Pro competitor 
  • No Gi World Champion at Sport Jiu-Jitsu international federation 
  • Grapplers Quest multiple times winner
  • NAGA (North American grappling association) multiple times winner

After spending four years in Long Beach, California, professor Marcelo Meleiro is back to South Florida.

In California, he had his academy in Long Beach where he taught an Elite  program directed to children, Law enforcement and adults over 30 years of age.

Professor Meleiro planted a seed in the West coast forming two black belts under him; Jason Priebe out of Las Vegas & John Thomas out of Long Beach. Both of them are now sharing professor Meleiro's knowledge keeping his program alive in the west coast.

He decided to come back to South Florida where he considered home to be able to be closer to his affiliated schools in New Jersey,  Pennsylvania and Hollywood FL.

He is also teaching personal MMA classes where he goes to the privacy of clients home or at his Hollywood affiliated school.

  • Brazilian jiu jitsu Gi or No Gi
  • Self defense 
  • MMA
  • Boot camp 
  • Life coaching 


Professor Marcelo Meleiro, was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu capital of the world. He began his martial arts journey young . At age five, a very close family friend introduces Marcelo to Judo.

 13. At thirteen, Marcelo starts jiu jitsu to complement his Judo game. He falls in love with jiu jitsu!


EDUCATED. Marcelo's parents are both highly educated, were both College professors. His mother was the Rio de Janeiro State University director and his father was a law professor at the same university.  Marcelo was raised to become like his parents: a teacher. 


While continuing to train he earned a Masters degree in Business administration and Marketing at the top 3 business School in Brazil, fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV).


2004 Marcelo earned his jiu jitsu black belt under his Master, Andre pederneiras, founder of Nova Uniao.


2007 Marcelo moved to the United States to open his school and share his knowledge. Marcelo has a school in Long Beach California, and has multiple schools around the US representing his association, "Meleiro Bjj".


He continues to share the jiu jitsu learned under his Master and teammates, helping people with different backgrounds to achieve their goals.